Construction Support Services

We have extensive firsthand experience on large and small projects from both the design and construction standpoint.   Steere’s engineers have experience working for DOT’s (ConnDOT, MassDOT & RIDOT) and understand their standards and needs for successful project outcomes. A majority of our engineers served as designers on projects like $600M Iway project with RIDOT, MassDOT’s Accelerated Bridge Program or ConnDOT’s List 18 Bridges. These same engineers served as the contractor’s engineer on projects ranging from MassDOT’s $285M Whittier Bridge or the $183M I-91 Springfield Viaduct to producing erection/demolition procedures and SOE designs for $5M or under bridge rehabilitation and replacement projects.  This dual experience provides us with a unique perspective and inherent efficiency in understanding what agencies and their designers will be looking for when they review our contractors design submittals.

Our Construction Support Services Experience Includes:

  • I-84 Bridge Move in Southington, CT (pdf)
  • Providence Viaduct Bridge No. 578 in Providence RI (pdf) 
  • Sakonnet River Bridge in Portsmouth RI (pdf)
  • Stillwater Viaduct Bridge Rehabilitation in Smithfield, RI (pdf)
  • Washington Pedestrian Bridge in Providence, RI (pdf)
  • Whittier Bridge over Merrimack River, MA (pdf)
  • I-91 Springfield Viaduct, MA (pdf)
  • Willimansett Bridge Rehabilitation, MA (pdf)

For more information contact Martin Pierce, PE
P.401.773.7880 x 12                                                                                                    


Major Areas of Expertise


  • Temporary Access Bridges
  • Personnel Work/Access Platforms
  • Debris Shielding
  • Formwork & Pour Procedure Analysis
  • Jacking & Shoring of Structures
  • Analysis of Existing Structures to Facilitate Construction Loading
  • Bridge Load Ratings


  • SOE (Cantilever & Braced Sheet Pile, H Pile & lagging, Tiebacks)
  • Cofferdams
  • Retaining Walls
  • Shallow & Deep Foundations
  • Micropile Design & Testing Plans
  • Water Control Plans & Dewatering
  • Marine Facilities ( Bulkheads, piers, trestles

Lift Plans

  • Erection Procedures
  • Demolition Procedures
  • Crane Rigging Design
  • Lifting Insert Design
  • Accelerated Bridge Construction/Heavy Lifts – SPMT’s/Lateral

Engineering Support

  • 3D Modeling
  • Equipment Sizing
  • Pre & Post Condition Surveys
  • Temporary Utility Supports/ Relocations
  • Field Inspections (NBIS/Fracture Critical Inspectors)
  • Pre Bid Support Services
  • Project Coordination (Heavy Lifts/ Movable Structures)