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3D Modeling

Projects that have been modeled entirely in 3D statistically have fewer issues during construction than those that have not been modeled in 3D. From large scale models of entire job sites with construction equipment to small scale models for figuring out if a particular size bolt will fit in a tightly confined space, Steere's models including animated models, can help solve a tremendous number of issues. 

Our 3D Modeling Experience Includes:

  • Shawmut Avenue Bridge Replacement (pdf)
  • I-84 Bridge Move in CT (pdf)
  • Great Island Road Bridge (No. 499) in RI (pdf)
  • Providence Viaduct 3D Modeling of Temporary Ramp Bridge (Ramp AC-AD) in RI (pdf)

For more information, contact Thomas Steere:
P.401.773.7880 x 20


Major Areas of Experience

  • CAD Models
  • BIM Modeling
  • Polygons Modeling
  • 3D Modeling for Real-Time Rendering
  • Rigging 
  • Animation
  • Texturing 
  • LiDar Modeling

Software Proficiencies

  • AutoCAD 
  • MicroStation
  • 3DS Max
  • Revit
  • MODO
  • Rhino