Bradley Nicoll, PE
construction engineering manager

Mr. Nicoll has been involved in a variety of engineering projects that have included a wide range of responsibilities.  His project-related responsibilities have consisted of project management, planning, design, inspection and construction administration/management.  His experience is multi-disciplinary and it includes transportation, bridge-structural, heavy civil-geotechnical, marine/waterfront and movable bridges.  Bradley is directly responsible for the supervision and full preparation of construction contract documents (plans, specifications, and estimates) and performs field activities on-site as a construction representative/liaison and is a qualified team leader for NBIS inspections.  He has performed construction and project management duties for projects from design through construction closeout.  He has performed structural analysis and design of complex and simple bridge superstructures (straight, curved girder, rail) and sub-structures, piers and wharfs, deep (pile supported and shaft) and shallow foundations, construction procedures, excavation support and cofferdams, temporary works designs, retaining walls and marine bulkheads.  Additional experience and responsibilities include coordination of start-up activities on movable bridges, structural rehab field inspections, underwater diving inspections (as a commercial diver) and rating analysis of both vehicular, railroad, bridge and marine structures.